BLM Was Not for You Afterall


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Silly Rabbit, Tricks Are for Kids: BLM Was Not for You Afterall…” by T. Hasan Johnson, Ph.D.

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Monte Montgomery

5 months ago

A really intelligent and insightful expose on the BLM movement as well as it's chicanery. Way to bang on these deceptive demons.

Junk Pile Video

6 months ago

I watched this on YT when you first released it. Damning information, but needed to be brought to the for front.

Bamboozled Black Baby Boomer

7 months ago

Excellent to see you here!


7 months ago

Yassss! Welcome to BlaqspotTV BGS!


7 months ago

Yo BGS! Good to see around these parts!

Blaqspot AfroSocial

7 months ago

Welcome to BlaqspotTV. I enjoyed the video. Very informative.