When They Find Out They're Black: The Fake Indian


white woman finds out her mother isn't a native indian that she told everyone she was...

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Star Baby

3 months ago

is she really crying? Really!

nanny maroon

3 months ago

LOL Stupid cave becky finds out shes got black ancestry. shes still a cave becky no amount of royal blood can save her.

richard wright

3 months ago

Hilarious lol.


3 months ago

I'm going to watch this about everyday.

Monte Montgomery

3 months ago

Good for you hefer. These white cave ape/canine recessive RH factor genetic demon blood bitches and punk pussy ass diseased-minded and pathogen producing motherfuckers are as fragile as wet one-ply toilet tissue. At least this sloppy ho' knows her true he

Sabrina Black

3 months ago

She probably is a descendant from Ireland. How is it that her people killed 50 million Indians and are the same ones claiming them. She looks nowhere like no Cherokee.


3 months ago

$5 Indian huh! I'm dying laughing right now.... Oh a good chuckle I just had indeed...

Asangwua Ikein

3 months ago

0:40 You don't know what you're going to tell your family. What is your family going to tell after lying about being 25% Native American all your life? #DawesRollsCon