When The Animals of Africa Attack White Supremacy!


Even the Wildlife of Africa are fed up with white people who hunt them down for sport or invade their space.

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AfroCurly “AfroCurly”

5 months ago

I agree i honestly think those who think they can invade the habitats of natures creatures should be the ones ahot and skinned alive they deserve it. Maybe they will stop coming to Africa foolish cave beasts they need to go back to where they belong


5 months ago

Agreed. That's what they get. Wp don't belong in Africa anyway. They need to go back to their caves.


5 months ago

Lol! They knew the risks of invading those Animals land. No mercy for invaders is the natural order of the universe.

Naja Akua

5 months ago

Caucasoids have no respect for nature and the universe.