Johnathan Soul - Black owned comics & Sci-Fi reviewed

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      (audio clip) Endigo Society the Golden Age is a manga about a 16 yr old girl with spiritual powers. The powers she is discovering and it also makes her a vulnerable to other creatures. Norwich Robinson, creator and writer of the manga talks with Johnathan Soul about the inspiration of the manga series.

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      SUPERBLACK COMIC REVIEWS: Grey Williamson brings us Val-Mar: Gifted and Cursed. Imagine Conan the Barbarian, Ghetto Boys "Mind Playing Tricks On Me" with the rhythm of Joe Sample. Wonderful artwork, minimalist approach to storytelling is how I'd describe issues one and two. As of this video posting, issue 3 is still on its way, so get 1 & 2 at Amazon's Kindle store or iTunes' bookstore. Grey's site:

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      Futurist, essayist, author Thaddeus Howze explores the idea of Universal Basic Income. What it is? How could ubi be implimented? What would be the social impacts. Check out his essays on More interviews on

    • 00:10:01 founder, Frederick L. Jones talks the growth of manga vs American comics, and the business side of manga. This is a clip of the hour+ interview. Goto for the full conversation, Fred really drops some serious knowledge for manga artists, fans and entrepreneurs.

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      SUPERBLACK REVIEWS: Wesley Snipes and Ray Norman collab'd on this spirtual thriller, full of demons, zombies, angels, swords and motorcycles. Here's a quick review of the novel, just finished the other day. interview with the author:

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      SUPERBLACK COMICBOOK REVIEW: David Dace brings us "Demon Blade" A young girl who whacks demons in Mississippi. Sabrina inherits special powers, her mom had it and now as a teen, her abilities blossom. David creates a heroine that has a body like Buffy the Body and kills monsters like Buffy the Vampire slayer. Here's a quick review. Get the book here: more reviews on my channel. Artist interviews here:

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      Wonderful book for girls who would love adventure. LIly is a good girl who finds herself in Ovenland, a mysterious kingdom accessible from her mom's kitchen stove. Micheline Hess is the writer and illustrator.

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      SUPER BLACK COMICS REVIEW - The bikes are being stolen, the Kid Carvers are the case. Watch them use their inventions, get schooled by their parents. Its a beautiful adventure. Kid Carvers Engineer of the Impossible #2 from Buy the books, digital or print:

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      How To - Audiobook Equipment
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      I'm recording an audiobook version of Malcolm Mars, by sci-fi novel. Here's some of the equipment I'm using. Good video for podcasters too.

    • 00:00:00 - a web portal from Nigeria. Professionally done comics (english) and all for free to read and download. Avonome is a woman with spiritual sight and powers fighting the forces of evil. Creator Stanley Obende. Great art, wonderful text and plot, three issues out now.

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      Spies and Ice Witches and Horror
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      Great comics you should be reading: Jonathan Fox in the Monster of Egypt, Ice Witch and Gift Revolver. Listen the reviews, then pick up the books at and Digital and print available.

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      Kid Carvers - inventions & adventures
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      BUY THIS FOR YOU KIDS, NEICES, NEPHEWS... African American twins, Marley and Charley, save their neighborhood with gadgets and a sense of adventure. Comicbook for kids by Jason Reeves and Alverne Ball. Buy it at Support Black comic companies.

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